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a paragraph in this book has made me think of the final solution.

all the imposibilities..result in a simple solution.

how to really comunicate to the actors what you want to have in the showing them the film.and explaining what it is that should be done in whihc way.

and then it would be really about remaking someone who obsesses me, this persons work and turn it into a short movie reedit it, but actually remake it.

and really think it in the making until i understand what is really the essence the real beauty of it is in a way a practical critics work.

i would remake harmonies trash humpers in taipei..

and already there is so many ,since i saw it i was wondering..what can you do in  a city that is so peaceful,,but at the same time..

it is just this, he is dissing his neighbours.. but he never shows them.they are imagine what they are like..its by far more effective then actually showing them,whats bad about

in that way harmonie is so irresistably fine in the way he makes his films..

that really gets me wild..i cannot get him out of my mind.

wen i saw it i just that must have been so much fun to much fun and so really great.i think each art work that is really moving is fun to make.

klaus could be the german guy..that would be super.

just like the 3 bloody remakes that cytters made..


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