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take the taiwanese soap opera and subtitle it in a way that i imagine what they are saying.

what is soap opera..

play with kliches like when manray was arguing with was looking at the table all the time. also manray. enhance that. or the use of foreigners that speak perfect chinese.

the use of young cute voices for grandmathers.

serious look while saying something really hillarious. i think it should be shot new not just put subtitles. a real drama. in a keren cytters way.

it is also about the way to get to know a different culture.

like with lynch when he really played off the kliches.

also i was thinking this is what i should have done in korea.just let the poeple be ,and let them act it in a way that they would they will be so intense funny and odd doing it it wil give value.just now i was seeing this guy in the restaurant doing his thing.

he was making this odd monkey chiuawa face of confusion and im stupid while hearing something new.

he uncanny always exists as an overlapping of normality and non-normality and is convincing only through this logical superposition.

this is something that makes me think about the saop opera thing

in relation to zizek ,on one side he says that the cutting of ficiton the srive for realism is super boring becuase it does not exist.

but on the other hand in his example of the frog kissing the beer bottle ..he says that this is really what the artist today should be doing.

i think the whole twisted narrative ,and everything they can say is a part.should be a 3 eopisode has to come with real emotional fuel it has to really even in its all revealing oddity it has to still be really romatic and really involve the viewer.

If we receive when traveling the number “62” on the same day as the number of our boat cabin, of our train seat, and of our hotel room, we will certainly stateTen Keyword Concerning Filmdream 121

that here contingency claims to be a rule. The person involved in this experience will find it uncanny and, overwhelmed by it, might be inclined to attribute a hidden meaning-an allusion to his future age of death, for examplvto these coincidences. This shows how closely the uncanny and dreams are linked, though Freud does not insist on this link.


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