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the last 3 days im having nightmares in sequels,

night1. i walk around town and i go to a bar restaurant and i leave very quickly as i got paid by them but didn’t work there..i run out i  walk around wondering what i can still do in my last moments, and weather i should cross the bridge( wonder why both guys live across the bridge ,now he lives on my side. i use this only as stuff) ranary leaves me for a woman with 12 children who works at a bar, she asks us about how we met..and we tell her ,as we are telling her she turns and he changes and he is also leaving is my last night in linz and im walking around in the snow..

night 2. im lost my last day , i have to do a last test in school to get my last credit.. the test is beautiful it is about everything im interested in..and there is even a question about julienne donkey boy that really impresses looking forward to it..but i meet with manray and it is already 4 pm..and i have missed my test..i try to call the school to see what i can do..he is leaving to taiwan also..the mood is weird..and after we meet he rushes away cold and the airport bobms explode..and i think of my other options..i end up sitting with a very jealous blond guy who kisses me soft and full and dry and slow..and reminds.

night 3. no more men, but i have to finish my bachelor work in 5 days i have no time to do this,and my brother makes a genious film,nothing i have ever seen before..i tell him, if i don’t come up with anything i can get done in time i will use yours..but shit it doesn’t match my will be obvious its not mine..


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