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thanks, i really miss this polaroid! i am still in Taipei, and what about you? in Austria or wanna come to Taiwan? i wrote an article to review my past year, but it is too long to translate it into English. i wish i could share it with you…. there is one main sentence: “…..Walking on the ridge of Art, right side is an abyss digging by reason, and the left side is a valley cutting by madness. It’s breeze leading a man with eyeshade, stepping forward carefully and trembling….” i am not good in translation, wish you could know what i tried to say. yunyu.


Jenny Picco 19 February at 20:05 i apsolutely understand what you also still somehow on my search for BALANCE. reason doesn’t really interest me so much..but without it creation seems too insignificant.. like creating magic tricks. im sure esp . in photography you will have this issue all the time.. is it just magic or is there some meaning in there as well.. i look at great art work..and there are a few people who are floating in my head all the time.. you know like you see some artwork and then you read everything you can find on this person..and they start to live in your head.. i came back from austria..i graduated 3 weeks ago..and actually since then i didn’t rest.. i got into a tempo of constant research.. of reading looking at things..and then i go to a acting class now.. because i want to reestablish my connection to imagination. this is always a problem , reason is too dominant and creation doesn’t happened with it. then there is great artist like duchamp and hans haacke who manage to get this balance . to be smart and tricky about things but in a very imaginative and clear way.. like sometimes there is people who make art in a way that by adding this or that they think that they make their work about some important isssues.. but with others you feel it . you sometimes feel in a work that is totally imaginative you feel it is about something else again..this is what i am looking closely at. i cannot get myself to do something irrelevant. and if thats the case now then i just do reading and looking. the other day i was dreaming that i could put art into everything that i touch. also i was reading a lot about dream and art. and the relation. in dream the imagination works in such magic and sophisticated ways. i want to have that even when i am awake.. but in waking time.. there is too much real stuff to deal with. cooking cleaning , bad weather. so much bullshit. but i tell you .. as long as you know that you are going and you have some idea in your mind of what you are looking for. then it is all fine. no matter how much time it takes you to get there. it is the most important thing to believe in something. even if that is not evident. writing is important. so that when you cannot move yourself to do something at least there is an evidence of your thought. ok . i wrote a lot now.. we live in beitou now.. you should come over here one day when you have time.. when the weather gets nice.. we can take a walk up the mountain its really nice..


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