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the last 3 days im having nightmares in sequels,

night1. i walk around town and i go to a bar restaurant and i leave very quickly as i got paid by them but didn’t work there..i run out i  walk around wondering what i can still do in my last moments, and weather i should cross the bridge( wonder why both guys live across the bridge ,now he lives on my side. i use this only as stuff) ranary leaves me for a woman with 12 children who works at a bar, she asks us about how we met..and we tell her ,as we are telling her she turns and he changes and he is also leaving is my last night in linz and im walking around in the snow..

night 2. im lost my last day , i have to do a last test in school to get my last credit.. the test is beautiful it is about everything im interested in..and there is even a question about julienne donkey boy that really impresses looking forward to it..but i meet with manray and it is already 4 pm..and i have missed my test..i try to call the school to see what i can do..he is leaving to taiwan also..the mood is weird..and after we meet he rushes away cold and the airport bobms explode..and i think of my other options..i end up sitting with a very jealous blond guy who kisses me soft and full and dry and slow..and reminds.

night 3. no more men, but i have to finish my bachelor work in 5 days i have no time to do this,and my brother makes a genious film,nothing i have ever seen before..i tell him, if i don’t come up with anything i can get done in time i will use yours..but shit it doesn’t match my will be obvious its not mine..


15. It is better to do nothing than to contribute to the invention of formal ways of rendering visible that which Empire already recognizes as existent.

a girl comming on another one. with a penis


i will make a otaku porn comic.i feel so odd lately after having sex or masturbating..i do it becuase i know the world will seem a lot more positive afterwards,but then also i feel..where does this good feeling go to it only there to keep us going..and the people who dont get any are depressed or die..

people should talk more about it ,and put more of their imagination into it.i will make a otaku comic book.


a dance scene in a shopping center. an entire romantic play happening in a  shopping center.

there is no time in the center.our love is timelses…

an entire play..each time i go to a supermarket i want to dance i want to jump and tiwst becuase it feels like noone will really care…

take the taiwanese soap opera and subtitle it in a way that i imagine what they are saying.

what is soap opera..

play with kliches like when manray was arguing with was looking at the table all the time. also manray. enhance that. or the use of foreigners that speak perfect chinese.

the use of young cute voices for grandmathers.

serious look while saying something really hillarious. i think it should be shot new not just put subtitles. a real drama. in a keren cytters way.

it is also about the way to get to know a different culture.

like with lynch when he really played off the kliches.

also i was thinking this is what i should have done in korea.just let the poeple be ,and let them act it in a way that they would they will be so intense funny and odd doing it it wil give value.just now i was seeing this guy in the restaurant doing his thing.

he was making this odd monkey chiuawa face of confusion and im stupid while hearing something new.

he uncanny always exists as an overlapping of normality and non-normality and is convincing only through this logical superposition.

this is something that makes me think about the saop opera thing

in relation to zizek ,on one side he says that the cutting of ficiton the srive for realism is super boring becuase it does not exist.

but on the other hand in his example of the frog kissing the beer bottle ..he says that this is really what the artist today should be doing.

i think the whole twisted narrative ,and everything they can say is a part.should be a 3 eopisode has to come with real emotional fuel it has to really even in its all revealing oddity it has to still be really romatic and really involve the viewer.

If we receive when traveling the number “62” on the same day as the number of our boat cabin, of our train seat, and of our hotel room, we will certainly stateTen Keyword Concerning Filmdream 121

that here contingency claims to be a rule. The person involved in this experience will find it uncanny and, overwhelmed by it, might be inclined to attribute a hidden meaning-an allusion to his future age of death, for examplvto these coincidences. This shows how closely the uncanny and dreams are linked, though Freud does not insist on this link.

a paragraph in this book has made me think of the final solution.

all the imposibilities..result in a simple solution.

how to really comunicate to the actors what you want to have in the showing them the film.and explaining what it is that should be done in whihc way.

and then it would be really about remaking someone who obsesses me, this persons work and turn it into a short movie reedit it, but actually remake it.

and really think it in the making until i understand what is really the essence the real beauty of it is in a way a practical critics work.

i would remake harmonies trash humpers in taipei..

and already there is so many ,since i saw it i was wondering..what can you do in  a city that is so peaceful,,but at the same time..

it is just this, he is dissing his neighbours.. but he never shows them.they are imagine what they are like..its by far more effective then actually showing them,whats bad about

in that way harmonie is so irresistably fine in the way he makes his films..

that really gets me wild..i cannot get him out of my mind.

wen i saw it i just that must have been so much fun to much fun and so really great.i think each art work that is really moving is fun to make.

klaus could be the german guy..that would be super.

just like the 3 bloody remakes that cytters made..

everyone wants to tell a story.collect peoples stories that they would like to have made into films and push the boundaries of what film is.
this is what korine is doing. there is a part where he only puts voiceovers over the images,which is what ill be doing. just wiht more controll.”hes always so interested in avant gard and story.such a story teller.
tell me the best story you ever heared. and ill make it for you.